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​Venture Building

We facilitate selective clients to co-establish joint ventures in China/Asia for accelerated business expansion. Our senior partners will be engaged in the JV management and daily operations during the market-entry phase, to conclude key prospects and deals and fulfill mutual-agreed strategic objectives.

Virtual operations in early phase


We help client companies establish a "virtual operation" in China with the leverage of our local team & resources in the early phase to reduce costs. Our senior partner will carry the name card of our companies and facilitate high-level business development schemes in China.  


Local establishment & accelerating growth

Upon identical business cases, we will participate & establish a local JV with our client companies. In due course, we will further help acquire strategic industrial investors to accelerate and scale up the business growth, with the leverage of our trusted network of equity investment funds and public listed companies in China/Asia.

Active partner focused on equity value creation

We postition ourselves as "active JV owner" to accelerate growth for our parnter companies. We engaged deeply in the JV's growth journey to help make it stronger and more sustainable for the long term. We stay with our companies until the equity value is realized or mutual agreed objectives have been well fulfilled.


Capabilities to our JV companies

Our team offers our JV companies expertise and support across a wide range of functional areas.

Business Creation

We take an active role to identify, evaluate and lead high-level business development schemes and create business cases in the early stage

Personnel leadership

Partnering with CEOs to assess, coach and /or provide key staff or board roles while aligning organization structure & company strategy

Supply Chain Excellence

Providing access to local supply chain, to enhance the procurement process and drive better pricing, terms and customer service with suppliers

Operation Efficiency

Optimizing and delivering key results in sales performance, operational and process improvement, and key program management of large-scale initiatives

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"We are very pleased with the commitment and potential business opportunities created by WISER. WISER's expertise and experience in China is of great value for OptiCept."  

Johan Möllerström, CEO
OptiCept Technologies AB, Sweden 

Explore Some of Our Selective Engagements

China venture building for a AIM listed cleantech company

WISER assits a Danish wind power technology company establish operations in China

China JV with a Nordic listed fuel cell company

WISER's affiliate enters into JV with a Nasdaq listed fuel cell technology company in China

China JV with a Nordic listed food & plant tech company

A Swedish public company creates a JV with WISER to accelerate expansion in Asia

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