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Cross-border M&A

Cross-border M&A is an integral part of global growth strategy. Our team advises public corporations, private equity investors, financial institutes, family-owned businesses, and other companies in middle-market sell-side and buy-side cross-border M&A transactions, especially with roots in China/Asia.


Focused on business synergies

Our M&A approach is based on an in-depth research and due diligence process that measures risk while identifying business synergies for increased shareholder value. We engage as active partner for shareholders to achieve cross-border M&A excellence and positive results.


Stay with our industry expertise

We strive to create value by dealing with great businesses where our industry expertise, strategic insight, local relationships and operational support can drive transformation and value creation.  

Building long-term interests

When we are engaged with a business, we focus on building it to last. Our staying power, drawn from the scale and breadth of the local platform we’ve grown over 20 years, helps our client develop their portfolio with operational excellence and build up a solid growth base with long-term interests.

What We Do in Cross-border M&A

Buy-side Advisor

Acquiring the right company today is a great way to grow and expand globally. Our roots in Europe & Asia, together with our partners, give you a world of opportunities to expand into new markets — and rise above your competition.

Sell-side Advisor

We enable clients to navigate the complexity of each transaction with confidence to get the deal done at the right price, from decision support at origination to deal closing and beyond.

Joint-Venture & Alliance

Joint ventures and alliances can be an excellent way to boost inorganic growth. We work closely with companies to maximize the value of such arrangements, and build the internal capabilities you need to unlock full potential.

Explore Some of Our Selective Engagements

Financial advisory for a leading EV company to raise capital

WISER faciliated a private placement for a leading Chinese EV company

Cross-border M&A advisory for a Chinese factory automation company

A China listed factory automation company appoint WISER for a cross-border M&A

Raise capital for an European semiconductor company

WISER advise an Irish semiconductor company raise capital from China

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