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Cross-border M&A advisory for a Chinese factory automation company

A China listed factory automation company appoint WISER for a cross-border M&A

The Company was founded in 2010, specializing in research and development, production and sales of automation parts, providing one-stop supply of factory automation parts.

The Company is deeply engaged in automation equipment industry through standard setting, product development, supply chain management and platform operation. Driven by information and digitalization, the Company is committed to providing with high-quality, low-cost and short-delivery automation parts for the automation equipment industry.

The Company is public listed in China with a market capital around 25 billion RMB.

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Our Role

We act as the advisor for the Chinese company to expplore, identify selective candidates in Europe, and engage with the prospects to conclude terms of the M&A.

Our Activities

We work with the management of the Chinese company, evaluate and investigate the target company, facilitate due dilligence and communications, and finanlly conclude the M&A deal under mutual regulatory framework.

Our Contribution

We help the client successfully conclude the M&A deal and established the footprint in Europe. The cross-border M&A further help the client expanded its product offering and increased the sales in China & the world.

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