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WISER is a China-based equity advisor and venture partner with a mission to help technology driven companies accelerate global expansion and raise equity value via creating major commercial success in China & Asia.

We provide strategic advice & business services, local expertise & network, as well as venture capital to dynamic technology companies, help them accelerate growth and raise equity value by creating major business cases with premium prospects in China and Asia.

We focus on small & midcap growth companies, mainly listed in European stock markets, with a market cap ranging from EUR 20 million to EUR 200 million, covering technology, healthare and sustainability segments.

We are a strategic, long-term and active venture partner in China/Asia and works closely with the entrepreneurial teams in our portfolio companies. 


Prospecting across Europe & Asia

We invest significant time and efforts to identify and build up a pool of premium prospects in Europe/Asia. We proactively outreach selective technology companies in Europe and assist them increase long-term value by creating new business & growth opportunities via dealing with local dynamic prospects in China & Asia.


Focusing on value creation

WISER team include financial & industry professionals with decades of experiences from various segments. We take the initiative to approach selective client companies, and identify major opportunities and prospects in China/Asia. We further facilitate client companies with high-level business development schemes to conclude major commercial deals with selective premium prospects for value creation.

Making a Positive Impact

We seek to drive business value creation and make a positive impact for our client and its shareholders. We do this by using extraordinary people and flexible approach to help clients solve problems out of their reach. WISER seeks to be an active local JV equity partner, and/or business advisor to the management & board for long-term value creation in China and Asia. 


Our Capabilities & Expertise


Indepth research-driven business mapping for companies to enter China/Asia


Facilitate and conclude the partnership with selective top tier prospetcs in various verticals


Leverage our local social network and high-level business contacts in China/Asia 


Conclude major deals with key prospects to accelerate growth & create value in China/Asia.



Win-win.  Initiative.  Shared-value.  Efficiency.  Respect



Everything we do is guided by our principles, which define our character and culture; they have been at the core of WISER since its inception.

These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct. They are fundamental strength of our business.

Our team

We have been attracting exceptionally talented people and rewarding initiative, independent thinking and integrity. Our team’s skills and deep expertise are a critical source of intellectual capital.

Our focus

We focus to creating value from China & Asia. Dealing across regions, industries and business gives us the knowledge, resources and critical mass to take advantage of opportunities on a global scale.

Our performance

Our performance is characterized by superior new value creation across a broad and expanding range of new business cases with premium public listed companies and/or unicorns in China & Asia.

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