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Financial advisory for a leading EV company to raise capital

WISER faciliated a private placement for a leading Chinese EV company

The company is a rising EV star which was born from a top tier Chinese automotive group. It has a sales volume of 120,000 EVs in 2021, ranks top one in China. Its main market is in South China, and has a dominating market share in the price level below RMB200,000.

In this A-round financing, the company raised above 2.6 billion RMB, which will be used to expand it manufacturing capacity and product devleopment. Its main facility and R&D center are based in Guangzhou of China.

The company is in the process to be listed in China stock market,. It is recognized as a potenital "super unicorn" and will be the challenger as top valued EV-maker in China.

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Our Role

We act as the financial advisor for the main investor, which is a state-owned fund actively in the EV market. We are engaged from the deal introduction, due dilligence, terms negotiation, to the transaction closing.

Our Activities

We faciliated the client with the introudction of leading investor, preparing the fundraising proposal, presentation and meeting discussions, as well as all related activities to closing the transaction.

Our Contribution

The acquring of the state-owned fund as the cornor-stone investor, help drive the equity restructuring process and accelerate its IPO journey in China.

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