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China JV with a Nordic listed fuel cell company

WISER's affiliate enters into JV with a Nasdaq listed fuel cell technology company in China

The Company is a Swedish innovation company that offers thin, modular, and scalable PEM fuel cells that are easy to adapt to electrical applications, focusing on a power range from 1 W to 3kW rated power.

The Company is a world leader in micro fuel cell technology, where its own, patented fuel cells provide the highest possible energy density per volume and area. The hybrid solution it has developed combines accumulators, such as batteries, with hydrogen-based micro fuel cells and provides a maximum operating time without any emissions other than pure water.The company owns over 24 patent families that include a total of over 100 granted and pending patents in relevant countries and regions.

The Company is a spin-off by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and its shares are listed in Nasdaq First North.

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Our Role

We are a JV partner with the Company in Asia & China. Our team takes the role as their managing director China and lead the local operations and business development in the Chinese market.

Our Activities

We help the Company establish local operations and conclude major deals with China Mobile, the world largest mobile operator by size, for accelerated commercialization and sales generating in China.

Our Contribution

The partnership with China Mobile helps the Company accelerate the product launch and commercialization, and raise capital & equity value in Nasdaq First North market.

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