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Market Expansion

We provide strategic advice & business support, local expertise & network, as well as management services to ambitious companies, help them accelerate market expansion and corporate development by creating new business opportunities with top-tier partners/clients, especially in China/Asia.

Leveraging our expertise & local network


We invest significant time and efforts to engage and build up partnerships with top-tier prospects in China/Asia. With our strategic resources and geographic reach, we offer Companies market insights, operational resources and transformational growth opportunities that peer firms cannot match.



help Companies accelerate market expansion

We take the initiative to approach selective Companies, and identify major opportunities in the new markets. We further facilitate Companies with high-level business development scheme to conclude major deals with identified premium prospects to accelerate growth & scale efficiently.

And become global champions.

With decades of experience, we seek to drive business value creation for Companies to become global champions with sales expansion and operational excellence. WISER seeks to be an active local joint-venture partner, and/or business advisor to the management & board for long-term value creation in China and Asia. 


Our Value Creation Model

WISER, together with our affiliate partners, ensure that identified opportunities will be turned to real and sustainable business, by leveraging our key competences, industry expertise, business networks and hybrid investment and management experiences across Nordic and Asia.


Help Companies Grow

from a Regional Market Actor to a Global Challenger

Our value creation process: from Market-entry to Scale up


We research, identify and out-reach target Companies which have the growth potential while the Company management have ambitious to expand into China/Asia


We help the Company conclude commercial deals with local top-tier clients for pilots or sales, to validate and verify its product, business model and potential in China/Asia.


  • Step 1-2 called Phase 1, which will be executed mainly by WISER’s resources & staff, or so called “virtual operations”, to validate the Company's business potential in China/Asia;

  • Phase 1 normally will include a period up to 12 months​;



We together set-up enhanced organization to scale the sales; WISER will support local operations and introduce potential investors, to help fulfill agreed Objectives(“Milestone”). 

Step 4. SCALE & EXIT

Upon fulfilment of certain Milestones, the Company will have control or fully own the local business via a "share-swap" scheme; we will be compensated with shares.


  • Step 3-4 called Phase 2, which will be jointly executed by WISER and the Company, with a fully operational company in China/Asia;

  • When required, local investors could be introduced to the Company;

  • Phase 2 may take 36 months or longer, depending on the Milestones.


Our Target Companies

WISER seek to drive business value creation and make a positive impact for Companies and their stakeholders. We have a unique approach that combines market expansion, venture building and capital raising, which can significantly reduce the cost and risk for Companies throughout the value creation process. 


Technology-driven companies with strong IP portfolio or product innovation;


Technological product or solution ready for major commercialization or global expansion;


Mid-market companies with a market cap ranging from EUR20 million to EUR200 million;


shareholders or management of the Company have strong ambition for global expansion.

Explore Some of Our Selective Engagements

China expasion advisory for a London listed new material company

WISER advise an UK listed new material technology provider for China expansion

China-entry and M&A advisory for a Swiss brand protection company

A Swiss digital security company choose WISER for China-entry and expansion

China-entry advisory for an Euronext listed energy solution provider

A France-based green energy haversting company appointed WISER for China expansion

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