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GCL Invests 14billion RMB in the Mega Pumped Power Storage Station in East China

On September 15, GCL Energy Tech ("GCL-ET") anounced the opening of the groundbreaking ceremony of the Zhejiang Jiande Pumped Storage Power Station. With a total investment of 14 billion RMB and a total installed capacity of 2.4Gw, the pumped-storage power station is with the largest installed capacity in East China.

"The start of GCL Jiande pumped-storage power station is another major achievement of GCL-ET's vigorous efforts to promote the construction of a new power system." Zhu Yufeng, vice chairman and president of GCL Group, said that the project is so far the largest clean energy project in the world.

After the power station is operational, it will deliver a steady stream of green energy to the Zhejiang power grid of East China. It is estimated that the annual coal consumption will be saved by about 480,000 tons, and the carbon emission will be reduced by 960,000 tons.

"This A giant power grid 'charging treasure' will not only help the East China Power Grid to further optimize the power supply structure, but will also drive the construction of surrounding mountain roads, residents' employment, tourism resources and urbanization, which is also of great demonstration significance for promoting common prosperity," Zhu Yufeng said.

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