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Raise capital for an European semiconductor company

WISER advise an Irish semiconductor company raise capital from China

The Company is a disruptive technology provider that develops semiconductors solutions, software, modules, reference designs that enable real-time, ultra-accurate, ultra-reliable local area micro-location services.

The Company' technology enables an entirely new class of easy to implement, highly secure, intelligent location functionality and services for IoT and smart consumer products and applications.

The Company is HQ in Ireland with offices in USA, Europe and Asia.

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Our Role

We act as the financial advisor for the Company and help them concluded a private placement with a Chinese investment fund.

Our Activities

We help the Company identify potential investors, facilitate presentations and meetings discussions, and eventually conclude the terms of the private placement.

Our Contribution

The Company raised capital and expanded its footprint into the Chinese market. The positive development in China further raised the valuation of the Company for a future M&A by a world leading semiconductor group.

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