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Private placement for an UK display electronics technology company

WISER facilitated an UK-based display technology company with a private placement from China

The Company is the disruptive technology leader in organic electronics. The Company have developed and industrialised a complete low-temperature manufacturing process for small and large-area organic electronics on ultra-thin plastic substrates.

The Company is bringing organic electronics technology to market in a fabless business model. The processes and solutions have been developed to be run on existing flat panel display lines, leveraging existing assets and supply chain.

The Company also work directly with OEM and Tier 1 companies on developing next generation products, from design to prototyping and product qualification all the way to volume production.

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Our Role

We act as the financial advisor for the Company to explore, identify, and engage with selective strategic investors from China.

Our Activities

We identified several qualified industrial investors in the local market, and approach them on behalf of the Company to negotiate and conclude terms sheet for the private placement.

Our Contribution

We help the Company conclude the private placement from a strategic investor from China. We further help identify and introduce several key prospects with major opportunities for the Company.

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