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WISER Teams up with Falco to Navigate Business and Investment Opportunities across China and Europe

WISER, a China-based investment advisor and venture partner ("WISER"), and Falco Global Partners, a Switzerland-based investment company founded by former General Electric executives (referred to as "Falco"), recently announced to enter into a cooperation agreement. The two parties will work together in cross-border investments, industrial mergers and acquisitions, corporate advisory and etc, to jointly promote the international expansion and industrial cooperation for growth companies and investment institutions in China and Europe.

According to the agreement, WISER and Falco will combine their respective resources, network and local expertise in China and Europe, to actively explore opportunities with companies which have growth potential and global vision, and jointly support them for their international expansion, cross-border M&A and venture investments. Further, WISER will also introduce investors or investment projects from China to Falco and its co-managed investment funds, to promote their investment layout in China. Both parties are also considering establishing a joint venture at an appropriate time in the future to better seize the opportunities in China and abroad.

"We are glad to partner with Falco, which will provide our customers with enhanced support to accelerate international expansion, especially into the European market." said Kevin Chen, Managing Director of WISER. “We have been focused on Nordic and European companies, and with the well-respected Falco team expertise, we believe it will enable us jointly to provide unparalleled services and added value for Chinese/European companies.”

Falco Global Partners is an operational management and investment company, founded by former senior executives with extensive corporate and PE experience. Falco provide professional services such as investment management, M&A advisory, and operations management for medium and large private equity funds and growth companies. The Falco team has extensive experience across various industries and investment management. The founding team includes Mr Ferdinando Falco Beccalli, former CEO of GE International; Mr Peter Salzer, former Executive of GE Capital; Mr Erwin Lebon, head of human resources at GE, and etc. Falco is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and has presence in Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.

For more info, please visit Falco Global Partners


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