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GAC Aion launched the plan to build Guangzhou as "Capital City of Super Fast Charging"

GAC Aion, together with Guangzhou City Investment, Guangzhou Transportation Investment, South China Grid and other partners, jointly launched the plan to build Guangzhou as a "Super Fast Charging City", focusing on the commercial application of XFC (eXtreme Fast Charging) infrastructure and ecosystem.

According to the plan, 1,000 EV super charging and swapping centers will be built in Guangzhou in 2025. This also means that Guangzhou will usher in the large-scale construction of the new energy vehicle charging network, and take the lead in becoming the world's first supercharging capital.

According to the 14th Five-Year Plan for the EV industry development in Guangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”), by 2025, the city’s automobile production capacity will exceed 5 million units, of which the EV will exceed 2 million, ranking among the top3 cities in China; the penetration rate of EV exceeds 50%.The number of EV on the road will be increased to 800,000, accounting for more than 20% of the total number of vehicles.

The popularization of supercharging technology is based on the high-voltage platforms above 800V. Compared with the current mainstream 120KW fast charging station, the establishment of a supercharging station will increase the grid service efficiency by 350% and increase the land area by 5 times. Resource utilization, saving 25% of power resources and reducing investment in station construction by nearly 20%.

Aion's world-first 600kw EV fast charger

GAC Aion is the first "crab-eater" in the supercharging in China. Aion proposed that by 2025, 1,000 super charging and swapping centers will be built in Guangzhou, at least one in every 1.5 kilometers. At the same time, through the large-scale application of the largest 480kW power supercharger, models equipped with 6C rate supercharged batteries can achieve 200-400 kilometers in 5-10 minutes charging. "The driver just buy a cup of coffee and then Full power to go."

In August last year, Aion and Juwan Technology (both under Guangzhou Auto Corporation) released ultra-speed batteries and A480 super-charging station, creating a world record for the "fastest EV charging technology". Now the plan to jointly build Guangzhou as the "Supercharging Capital" will further accelerate the development of super charging industry.

There are four major highlights of Aion's Super Charging and Swapping Center:

  1. "Charging+Swapping": The Aion Super Charging and Swapping Center not only has the world's highest charging power 480kW supercharger, but also have the quick battery change system equipped with Aion's original bolt-type quick-change structure ;

  2. "Super fast": With the A480 supercharger, the EV battery life can exceed 200km by charging in 5 minutes; alternatively the quick battery replacement can be completed in only 2.5 minutes;

  3. "Automatic": Facing the future era of unmanned driving, Aion will realize fully automatic unmanned parking and unmanned charging and replacement;

  4. "Zero carbon": Through photovoltaic power generation and smart energy storage, Aion's Super Charging and Swapping Center can realize self-sufficiency of comprehensive clean energy cycle.

Why Guangzhou?

Guangzhou has the unique location advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the policy advantages for innovation and first-in-trial. In recent years, Guangzhou has vigorously developed the new energy vehicle industry, not only achieving a market penetration rate of up to 40%, which ranks first in the country; among them, Aion has a cumulative sales volume of over 70,000 in Guangzhou, with a market share of over 23% in the EV market. In addition, Guangzhou, as the geometric center of the Greater Bay Area, has cultivated a large number of new energy industries with tier-1 players in the upstream and downstream of the EV chain and have formed a strong industrial cluster advantage.

Now the construction of EV charging infrastructure in Guangzhou is speeding up with full swing. It is expected that Aion's Super Charging and Swapping Center will become a global demonstration base for continued scientific and technological innovation in future energy supply system.


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