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WISER Sourcing

WISER Sourcing includes a team of industry experts with a major focus on selected fast-growing companies, which have global sourcing considerations on cost dynamics with the leverage of supply chain advantages in China & Asia. We are clearly specialized in bridging the gap between the business ecosystems of foreign companies and Chinese suppliers, especially in emerging industries like electrification, new energy, batteries, electronics and etc.


China Sourcing Office

WISER China Sourcing Office is a sourcing representation created for global enterprises which have a clear supply chain strategy in China. We would provide the office, staff and all sourcing services, and perform on behalf of the customer to enable the them directly engaged with the selected suppliers and achieve their supply chain objectives in China. 


WISER Procurement 

WISER Procurement is a turn-key sourcing solution we offered for small and middle-sized enterprises which have an annual procurement amount of less than US$ 10 million. In this case, we will handling all issues and supply to client directly. we take all risks to identify the suppliers, sampling, certification or validation, logistics, payment and etc. The client will take WISER as its direct supplier. 

WISER Supply Chain

WISER Supply Chain is a customized sourcing advisory service offered to global enterprises which already established its supply chain in China. In this case, WISER will perform as a third-party advisor to monitor our client's supply chain and help optimize it. The services we provide include supplier evaluation, plant audit, due diligence, regulatory or industry relationship, business support, logistics or etc.

Our Industry Expertise

We have in-depth knowledge and industry expertise to help clients navigate the challenges of supply chain issues in China. In past years, we have been working with a wide range of industrial partners and create value for global clients.

Electrification & Battery system

AC/DC fast EV chargers, batteries, ICT power systems, etc


Technology & Electronics

General consumer electronics and technology products 

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Energy & Environment

new energy, water, and environment products & solutions

Medtech & Healthcare

Medical devices, materials, and health products & accessories


Contract manufacturing

electronics manufacturing services & contract sourcing

Explore our Selective Prospects in China/Asia

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