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China-entry advisory for a Euronext listed medtec company

WISER helps a France-based medtech company enters China with local establishment

The Company is a France-based medical technology company that provides innovative imaging solutions to advance healthcare for everyone and unlock the power of precision medicine. The imaging services includes oncology trials and AI medical imaging capabilities that reveal novel insights into previously unreachable knowledge.

Since 2002, The Company has been expanding the boundaries of the identification, analysis and reporting of imaging data in the medical world, with a dedicated focus on cancer and other chronic diseases.

The company is listed on Euronext Growth and its shareholding structure reflects global reach, with major shareholders from China, the USA, Japan and Europe.

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Our Role

We provide advisory services to the Company for China-entry, as well as financial services for acquiring local strategic investors.

Our Activities

We facilitate the Company with insight market report and help establish local operations; meanwhile, introduce local strategic investors for accelerated growth.

Our Contribution

The Company has a solid local presence and been working with local premium partners and customers, resulted in a significant sales grwoth from China.

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