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Private placement to a Nordic listed semiconductor company

WISER arranged a private placement with a Swedish public IR-sensor company

The Company is Sweden-based deep tech company founded in 2008 that develop products based on nanotechnology, aimed to increase energy efficiency and safety of electricity products in the society.

The first product to reach the market is a new type of IR sensor element, which, by its unique configuration, can be used to optimize sensor solutions to save battery time. With the IR sensor it is possible to redefine the application design in consumer electronics products and IoT solutions to reduce costs and size of the solutions.

The Company's shares is traded in Nasdaq First North market.

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Our Role

We and our affiliates are the main sharedholders in the Company; our partner takes the role as board director and advisor for China/Asia.

Our Activities

We assist the Company conclude the private placement from China; furthermore, faciliate the partnership agreement with a tier-1 Chinese module house to accelerate its productization and commercialization.

Our Contribution

The strategic partnership and productization progress in China helps the Company raise captial and equity value from Nasdaq First North market.

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