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OptiCept signs agreement with one of the world's largest olive oil producers

OptiCept Technologies has today entered into an agreement with Aceites del sur in Spain regarding the installation of an oliveCEPT® BALDER system.

The agreement applies to the latest generation oliveCEPT® model BALDER with a capacity of 10 tons / h. Installation is expected to take place in mid-September 2022. The order will be reported in OptiCept's order backlog and recognized as revenue when technical implementation is completed and approved, which is expected to take place at the end of the olive season.

OptiCept's OliveCEPT system for olive oil production

Aceites del sur is one of the world's largest olive oil producers with an annual turnover of 600 million Euros. The company is among Spain's leaders in olive oil, praised for both its quality and innovation. They have about 650 employees and export their products to 80 countries, including a large export country in the USA.

The company's main operations revolve around the production, refining, bottling and export of olive oil. But they are also active in olives, spices, vinegar, and other foods. Aceites del sur owns several well-known brands such as La Espaṅola, Coosur and Al Amir.

"We are very pleased with this agreement; it confirms that the development of BALDER opens up new market segments for us. Aceites Del Sur is well known in the food industry and we hope that good results in this installation will open up more business with the customer in the future," says Thomas Lundqvist, CEO of OptiCept Technologies.

OptiCept Technologies AB (publ) provides the food and plant industry with technological solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world and enable climate-smart economic growth. OptiCept optimizes biological processes - Increased extraction from raw material, extended shelf life, reduced waste, and improved quality (taste, aroma, color, nutritional content) of the final product.

The positive effects of technology increase efficiency for our customers, better products for the consumers, and minimal impact on our environment. Through patented technology in PEF (pulsed electric field) and VI (Vacuum Infusion), the technology opens up new business opportunities for the food and plant industry worldwide. OptiCept's vision is to contribute to a sustainable world by offering efficient green cutting-edge technology that is easy to use in the areas of FoodTech and PlantTech.

The company is located in Lund and the share is traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Erik Penser Bank is a Certified Adviser and is available at 08-463 80 00 or


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