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OptiCept accelerates the launch of OptiBoost for Forest Cuttings

OptiCept accelerates the launch of Optiboost for Forest Cuttings by strongly expanding its global sales organization. This is made possible by the OptiCept partner Syngenta Flowers entering an agreement with BCC. Forest cuttings are one of the areas that OptiCept has identified as a priority. The market potential is estimated at revenues of SEK 130-300 million annually for Eucalyptus cuttings alone.

Syngenta Flowers is already responsible for the global sales and marketing of the OptiBoost application, BCC has a local presence in all key markets and the sales activity in forest cuttings can now be expanded and accelerated.

BCC is a Swedish company and a world leader in its niche for the forest industry and has representatives and agents in all key markets. BCC's offer complements OptiCept in a very good way and together they will be able to offer customers a strong concept. The focus will initially be on sales to Eucalyptus growers, where the OptiBoost treatment has shown strong results.

"We have established that the potential within Forest Cuttings is very large and we are constantly making progress with our new product line OptiBoost for cuttings. Syngenta Flowers is now strengthening its activities by involving BCC. This collaboration provides the opportunity to significantly increase the pace of the launch of OptiBoost for forest cuttings. BCC is a company with great trust worldwide, a global sales force, and network. It means a lot to have their capital of trust in our contacts with the forest industry", says Thomas Lundqvist, CEO, OptiCept Technologies.

The agreement is concluded between BCC and Syngenta Flowers and will thus not affect OptiCept's profitability. It is part of OptiCept's new strategy, where forest cuttings are a prioritized business area.

About OptiCept Technologies AB (publ)

OptiCept Technologies AB (publ) provides the food and plant industry with technological solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world and enable climate-smart economic growth. OptiCept optimizes biological processes - Increased extraction from raw material, extended shelf life, reduced waste, and improved quality (taste, aroma, color, nutritional content) of the final product. The positive effects of technology increase efficiency for our customers, better products for the consumers, and minimal impact on our environment. Through patented technology in PEF (pulsed electric field) and VI (Vacuum Infusion), the technology opens up new business opportunities for the food and plant industry worldwide. OptiCept's vision is to contribute to a sustainable world by offering efficient green cutting-edge technology that is easy to use in the areas of FoodTech and PlantTech. The company is located in Lund and the share is traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Erik Penser Bank is a Certified Adviser and is available at 08-463 80 00 or

For further information visit: OptiCept Technologies Official Website


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